-Unrelenting -Marion Kummerow

kummerow-unrelenting-book-1Unrelenting: Love and Resistance in Pre-War Germany (World War II Trilogy Book 1)

Author: Marion Kummerow
Book form: paperback; ebook
Pages: 205
Publisher: Indieauthor


Bookreview:A subject that is not common in novels about the Second World War, is the German Resistance. Of course there were people in Germany also who put up a fight against the Nazis. The grandparents of Marion Kummerow for instance joined the Resistance, they had connections with the Red Orchestra (die Rote Kapelle). Marion Kummerow is now processing their story in a fiction trilogy. An excellent idea to keep the memory of brave men and women alive. Part one and two are already published.

‘Unrelenting’ is the first book. The story begins in 1932, just at the moment that Germany is facing the rise of the national socialistic movement. In this book the author introduces the leading persons of the trilogy: Wilhelm Quedlin, a chemical engineer and Hilde Dremmer, an administration assistant at an insurance company. Contrary of many people who believe that Hitler would be the answer to solve the economic problems and to give Germany back his self-assurance, both of them are not fond of this new administration in Berlin.

Quedlin is more drawn to the Sovjets and offers them his help with the developement of the gasmasks. Hilde is trying to resist the new image the national socialists will make of women. Staying at home and be a good mother are the primary tasks of the German women nowadays. When Quedlin meets Hilde for the first time, he is immediately attracted to her, but he is afraid to tell her that he is working together with the Russians.
In the meantime the Nazis create new laws, because they want to eliminate all the Jews. War is knocking on the door of Europe…

In ‘Unrelenting’ Kummerow fully concentrates her writing on the dialogues. In an excellent way the reader experiences the tension that exists between the pro- and contra-Hitler-followers. Though many believe in the new regime, at the same time the suspicion grows more and more towards people who have their doubts. The strong character of the dialogues compensates the lack of scenes. For European readers is this something they have to get  used to. Just like the fact that ‘Unrelenting’ is not a self-contained book. Everyone who wants to know how the story ends, has to read the other two following books as well.


Assessment: X X X X  Very good